Telematics software updates. What’s new in March 2021?

Watch the updates of the telematics software for vehicles, including remote maintenance management and delivery tracking.

KLOUDIP – the international telematics and IoT software developer – keeps updating its telematics product line for vehicles. In March, the company offers new opportunities for remote maintenance management and delivery monitoring.

HEED for remote maintenance management 


Notifications tell you about all the events that affect your fleet health – upcoming and finished service works, repairs, and costs. Since March, alerts and notifications in HEED offer even more information:  

  • Vehicle name. In the notification text, you will see which transport needs maintenance.
  • Mileage and engine hours. If you see the notification on engine overhaul at 30,000 miles driven, check it – somebody might be misusing the vehicle or spending money for nothing.  
  • Term of completion. See how urgent it is to send the vehicle to the service station.  

Fuel fillings

Just recently, KLOUDIP has added the option to track fuel expenses in HEED. It allowed fleet managers to monitor fuel costs in line with other fleet expenses. 

But considering that fuel is a significant fleet expense, the developers separated fuel costs from other service expenditures in HEED Dashboard. Now it takes a second to compare fuel vs. service and maintenance expenses. 

Telematics software: Updated remote maintenance management module

But what if you used to track fuel fillings with other systems or software – Excel, for example – and have hundreds of fuel fillings there? 

Since March, you can transfer all the data to HEED in one CSV/XLSX file. And vice-versa, if you want to use fuel fillings data from HEED in your internal systems, you can export it via a CSV file.  

In HEED, you can view fuel filling reports with expenses for the whole fleet and particular vehicles, export digital tables into files, and automatically send them to email.

DISTRIBUTION service for courier and delivery companies


In March, DISTRIBUTION software got extended reports. Here’s the additional information you can now see in the report tables. 

  • “Delivery interval from/to” report column shows the time window for the driver to fulfill the delivery.
  • “Actual time to point.” Here, you see how long the courier drives to the delivery point based on GPS data.
  • “Estimated service time.” Service time includes goods unloading, client service, and document handling. DISTRIBUTION software calculates the time required for this based on delivery order characteristics (order weight, volume, vehicle type, etc.)
  • “Estimated departure time.” The system calculates when the driver should have left the delivery point, considering the “service time”.  

The above allows comparing the actual courier performance vs. system estimates to detect where your delivery staff can perform better. 

Telematics software: Updated reports in delivery and distribution monitoring software

Online delivery tracking

All the information above – Estimated time to point, Estimated service time, plus, Weight, Volume, and Cost – is available both in reports and the “Routes” table, where you track order delivery in real-time. It powers online delivery tracking with data from reports for more precise route optimization.

Telematics software: Updated delivery monitoring interface


Since March, you can track your deliveries on Open Street Maps used in the FiOS fleet management and GPS tracking system. In addition to the good-looking map layer, DISTRIBUTION users get a detailed address base from OSM. Precise addresses make it easier for the courier to find a delivery client.  

Route cost calculation 

Image a courier delivering ten parcels to different parts of Colombo. Your courier service gets money for each delivery. But how much do you spend on such a delivery route? Now, DISTRIBUTION can tell you.    

The system can show how much each delivery route costs for your company. Moreover, it offers a more detailed cost analysis by calculating the cost of: 

  1. Kilometer driver
  2. Hour on the road 
  3. Order delivered 

Thanks to that, you can not only build the shortest but also the most cost-effective route.

Telematics software: Updated route cost calculation algorithm

Digital signatures

Through the DISTRIBUTION mobile app, the client can confirm the delivery with a digital signature. In the new version, the courier can attach two digital signatures to each order. It’s useful when there are two persons responsible for delivery on the client’s part.

In March 2021, remote maintenance management and delivery tracking have become much more efficient. If you are interested in these solutions or other telematics software, let us know on

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