GPS tracking software. What’s new in February 2021?

KLOUDIP adds new features to its fleet management and GPS tracking software every month. February is not an exception.

KLOUDIP adds new features to its fleet management and GPS tracking software every month. In 2021, we decided to start sharing information about how the software evolves. In January, we’ll discuss four fleet management products:

Let’s describe the new features of each solution in detail.

FiOS: fleet management and GPS tracking system

Dashboard: quick access to real-time vehicle analytics 

The Dashboard in FiOS is a workspace where you see real-time statistics and analytics about your vehicles and how they perform. Sometimes, a fleet manager doesn’t even need to switch between tabs – all the necessary data on tracked units is already on Dashboard, for example:

  • The list of vehicles consuming large amounts of fuel. Check it against mileage and talk to drivers – they may be stealing fuel.
  • The list of vehicles violating traffic regulations – the drivers should get additional training on safer driving.  
  • The list of offline vehicles – the driver might have disconnected the tracker. 

And much, much more. Check out your Dashboard by clicking the first tab in the upper horizontal menu when you enter FiOS next time. 

What’s new in Dashboard? 

After you stop enjoying the fresh look of pie charts, try reorganizing the Dashboard by drag-and-drop. For example, if you consider the tab with fuel level information or the latest alerts to be more important – click and drag it to the left side of the Dashboard. Now it’s the first tab you see when entering Dashboard. Try it when you log into the system next time – it’s as simple as rearranging icons on your smartphone.

FiOS GPS tracking software: updated Dashboard for real-time fleet analytics

Reports: quick access to photos from MDVRs and employees 

Many companies use FiOS GPS tracking software to track mobile service teams. These employees perform field jobs across the island, like installers, maintenance staff, and servicemen. To prove that the job is done, they take photos on their smartphones and send them to the system, where a manager approves the job by the images.

For the managers who need photo reports separately for each client they serve, FiOS developers implemented the new “Filter by geofence” feature. Let’s see how it works on the example: 

  1. A service team travels to several clients throughout the week.
  2. A manager marks the location of every client by a geofence on the map. 
  3. A service team performs all maintenance works and takes photos in each location. 
  4. At the end of the week, the manager creates a weekly report with all images from the service team. 
  5. After filtering the report results “by geofences,” the manager will get only the photos done in particular geofences, in other words, clients.

The new feature will simplify the work of managers who need regular photo reports from specific clients or locations.  

FiOS GPS tracking software: view photos in fleet reports

HEED: Maintenance management system

HEED is a value-added app for FiOS fleet management and GPS tracking software. It allows tracking maintenance works, spare parts, and costs in your company. One of the most demanded options in HEED is tracking maintenance expenses. For example, if you change tires, oil, filters, brakes, or repair vehicles – enter the costs in HEED to control how much you spend to keep your fleet fine-tuned. 

But remembering that fuel is the largest fleet expense, KLOUDIP decided to add fuel filling expenses to HEED. Tracking fuel expenses like that is simple: 

1. Your employee refuels a vehicle and gets a receipt.

2. He sends it to you in a messenger, by email, or brings it at the end of the day (or maybe he calls you to say how much fuel he filled).

3. You enter the date, select vehicle, driver, fuel type, volume filled, and cost per liter. 

Updated remote maintenance control app

4. Add location data to know at which filling station your employee was refueling. 

Updated maintenance management app: fuel expenses accounting

5. Then you see all fuel fillings in your vehicle fleet on a separate page or in reports. 

HEED - solution for maintenance management all fuel fillings

Add fuel fillings faster

As with any other regular vehicle service, you can add “Fuel filling” to the “Line items library.” It means you can save multiple fuel types (Diesel, Gas, Petrol, etc.) and prices for each in the system. After that, you don’t need to enter fuel type and price every time – HEED will suggest several options to choose from, and you will only need to make a click.  

Fleet management software: Updated maintenance control app

If you created a fuel filling by mistake, accidentally, or for the wrong vehicle, you can quickly delete it.

SHUTTLE: The system to control public and passenger transport

Just recently, we’ve written about how SHUTTLE enhances passenger transportation. Since then, the app has become even more flexible and efficient.  

SHUTTLE is an app to control fixed-route vehicles, like a city or school bus – create stops, combine them into routes, add schedules, and track “Rides” of buses in real-time. 

When we say a bus starts a “Ride,” we mean that a bus starts following a route at a particular date according to a schedule. A “Ride can’t begin without a route, schedule, or assigned bus. In the latest version of SHUTTLE, the developers automated bus assignments to routes.

Before the update, SHUTTLE was not much flexible. It allowed the dispatcher to assign a bus to a route manually or specify one particular bus for each schedule (for example, if we know that a specific school bus picks up children from school at the same time every day).

But what if no one knows yet which bus will start the route tomorrow? And what if it’s not that important. Now, a dispatcher can assign multiple units to one “Ride” (route+date+schedule). He will track the bus, which will appear at the starting point of the route first. In that case, if a bus is delayed, breaks down, or gets into an accident, any other bus can start this route instead. And no one needs to change anything in the system. 

Updated passenger transport monitoring system

Anyway, if the route is performed according to the schedule and the passengers are happy, does it matter which bus followed this route?

DISTRIBUTION: The system for delivery and distribution companies

Distribution by KLOUDIP optimizes logistics and order management in delivery and distribution. Here, you can create delivery orders, automatically distribute them among vehicles, and optimize routes.

Fleet management software: Updated solution for delivery services

Last month KLOUDIP redesigned its interface, added smooth animations, and made the interface responsive. It means you can access the software on any type of laptop and even tablets – no matter your screen dimensions, the interface is pre-optimized to them.   

Fleet management software: Updated solution for delivery services

Custom fields

When you create a delivery order in DISTRIBUTION software, you can describe it in detail – like delivery interval, priority, unloading time, client information, etc. The system distributes orders among vehicles and builds optimized routes based on these parameters as well.

Fleet management software: Updated solution for delivery services

Dispatchers see the information in the “Orders” table and reports. Drivers access it through DISTRIBUTION mobile app, in most cases to call a client or view attached documents. 

Sometimes, pre-set fields are not enough to describe orders. For example, if a driver needs to know what he transports, goods weight, invoice number, if it’s fragile or not, and much more. You can add such information through custom fields: 

  1. Go to “Settings” and click the “Custom fields” tab.
  2. Enter a custom field name and click the “Plus” icon.
  3. The dispatcher also decides if the driver will see the custom field or not by clicking the “Display in the mobile application” switch.
Updated solution for delivery services: custom fields on mobile devices

That’s all that happened with GPS tracking and fleet management software by KLOUDIP in February. We’ll keep you updated on whatever comes next. Meanwhile, you can learn more about the solutions and try them via the KLOUDSKY app market.

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