How to run a business from home with a telematics system?

How to run business from home: telematics control centre
See how a GPS system helps to attend every warehouse and vehicle, see to drivers and documents, health-check fleets remotely.

Within the past week, people had only a few hours outside their homes. After spending hours in supermarket queues, one hardly had time to address business issues. There’s not enough time to attend every warehouse and vehicle, see to drivers and their documents, health-check machinery, and security systems. But there’s a solution that helps you run a business from home.

There are companies not affected by the curfew in terms of control. These are KLOUDIP clients who connected their businesses to the telematics system covering fleet and workforce management, warehousing and logistics, and much more. Today, we overview the tools and solutions, allowing them to stay in control with a laptop or smartphone during the COVID-19 threat.   

Unauthorized vehicle use. Who is a passenger and why it may be dangerous? 

Vehicles connected to a fleet management system keep sending data to control centers, no matter curfews, and quarantines. That means managers still see movements, locations, fuel consumption, and access to their transport.  

By using this data during quarantine, fleet managers revealed issues more dangerous than just unauthorized trips for private purposes.  

One of KLOUDIP’s clients uses a hired fleet of 1000 vehicles from different providers. Last week, the telematics system showed these corporate cars started visiting airports after working hours. It means that drivers use corporate vehicles as shuttles to airports to earn extra money.  

Colombo airport entrance

Who were those passengers? What’s their COVID status?      

To prevent the consequences, KLOUDIP checked the movement history of connected vehicles on March 1-15 and detected the transport means used to pick up passengers. The company inspected and treated the cars before they started corporate trips again to mitigate any risks.

To prevent it in the future and ensure immediate actions, KLOUDIP marked zones around the airports and nearest parking lots in their system as unauthorized. If a corporate car enters these areas, the system notifies fleet managers. They take immediate actions concerning the vehicle before it goes on the next trip.   

Storage conditions monitoring for pharmaceutical containers, warehouses, freezers

Medicines, frozen food, or other temperature-sensitive products – whatever you do, don’t stop monitoring storage conditions. Losses can be enormous.    

  • One degree more, one degree less – goods spoiled. 
  • Power outage – goods spoiled. 
  • Unauthorized entry – goods damaged or stolen. 

Physical checks are time-consuming, dangerous, and now impossible due to curfew. It doesn’t bother those who connected their facilities and transport to a telematics platform and video monitoring. Take DHL as a great example of such a company partnering with KLOUDIP for telematics.

Smart warehouse connected to Iot and telematics

These are the parameters most widely controlled by KLOUDIP’s clients who transport and store sensitive goods.   

  • Temperature and humidity variations
  • Unauthorized access
  • Energy consumption and power cuts
  • CO2 levels
  • Water leaks
  • Backup generator status and diesel level
  • Real-time video from mobile CCTVs on-site

KLOUDIP provides daily reports and real-time alerts on any parameter that can affect storage conditions and goods quality. These days, remote storage monitoring by KLOUDIP ensures the stable operation of a hundred facilities not even backed by humans. For example, the recently introduced smart hospital.  

How to run business from home: Transport and warehouses connected to telematics and IoT software

Stationary objects and machinery. Detect thefts and uninterrupted operations

First, construction machinery remains on-site even during quarantines and should remain in place when everything is over. 

How to run business from home: Construction site connected to telematics and IoT

Second, generator-backed stationary units, like five-star hotels or remote production machinery, should continue operation even when there’s no one to maintain them every hour.

Remote machinery operated through telematics and IoT

Thanks to telematics, construction firms know best how to run a business from home. They no more need to send maintenance crews across the country just to check their assets, as laptops already have all the critical information.   

  • The level of fuel in diesel generators and consumption rate to plan supply
  • The location of your cost-intensive machinery and access to it
  • Vehicle batteries, tire pressure, maintenance status, and everything you can do to minimize downtime once the work is resumed

KLOUDIP’s system allows businesses to create individual conditions of “what is wrong” with their assets and be alerted if that happens.

Security guard patrols. Monitor those who take twice much danger  

Most of the factories and offices are closed, but security questions remain open. Let’s discuss how to run a business from home when it comes to security staff?

Guard patrols still take inspections and managers need to control them by visiting security checkpoints according to the schedule. To minimize the interaction of the guards with office staff, KLOUDIP introduced the system for security patrol monitoring

The company provides guards with individual GPS-enabled devices and marks security route points on the map. The managers can watch guards performing security checks in real-time and report on checkpoint visiting.  

If there’s an incident, the guard triggers an online alert. If they need proof, a guard can use his GPS device to take pictures and send them to managers at once. The incident details, photos, and location will be available on the manager’s mobile and laptop.  

How to run business from home with security guard patrol system

How to run a business from home on your smartphone?

Most employees work from home while some vehicles are still running for deliveries, FMCG, pharmaceuticals transportation, and security services. You already know that and how to deal with it. What you don’t know is that in most cases, you don’t need to open a laptop or turn on the PC to control them. 

FaceID or PIN will be enough. Open your smartphone, download the KLOUDIP app from Google Play or AppStore, and start watching movements, speedings, idling, fuel thefts, and route deviations on a smaller screen, but with more convenience. 

Summary for using a telematics platform to run a business from home

– If you are already using telematics, but the situation makes you feel nervous – we want to show you how to proceed better than before. 

– If you are already using telematics and continue business as usual  – we want to encourage you. Get a closer look at the data you get – analyze, plan, optimize – and use it for future decision-making. 

– If you are not using telematics – KLOUDIP is here to assist and prepare you for whatever comes. 

Contact us to consult on implementing advanced telematics or making your business connected.

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