HAZER. The IoT technology powering smart transport, buildings, and industry 4.0

HAZER – the best of IoT solutions for monitoring sensors and counters.

The Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, smart cities – all these concepts comprise buildings, transport, and people connected to the Internet. The IoT technology underlying your smartwatch, voice assistants, and wearables makes you a part of it:

  • Fitness bracelets exchanging data with your smartphone. 
  • Apps sharing data on your activities with Google. 
  • Navigation apps sending geolocation data to developers. 

The devices you use every day are stuffed with sensors – accelerometers, heart rate monitors, light, and vibration sensors. This is your personal level of IoT involvement.

At least 500 companies are in. How can we be sure? Well, we connected them to our IoT software:

  • By installing water and electricity counters connected to the internet in their facilities. The devices send readings to users’ smartphones in real-time and allow them to monitor consumption at home, factory, warehouse, and any other facility on the go.
  • By installing temperature and humidity sensors in trucks transporting heat-sensitive cargo, like pharmaceuticals or FMCG.  
  • By remotely controlling the production environment through smart industries sensors, like CO2, leaks, moisture, vibration sensors, and machine hours counters.

Still, there’s nothing special in finding and installing sensors. It’s the smallest part of IoT technology. 

With Aliexpress, temperature, humidity, door opening, fuel level, tire pressure, light, energy, water consumption, and a hundred more sensors became cheap, easy, and delivered at your door. Moreover, sensors are installed in newly built vehicles and buildings by default. 

The main challenge is to find the right IoT software for big data analysis and present the information clear enough, even for a child.

And HAZER addresses it perfectly.

HAZER IoT software

What is HAZER? 

HAZER is a solution that receives data from all types of sensors and counters, analyzes it, and displays it on your laptop or smartphone. The IoT technology is as simple as it is powerful.  

Web interface. Control center in your browser  

HAZER Sensor management and monitoring Dashboard

HAZER receives mixed data from hundreds of sensors, structures it, and displays it so that every user – even the one who sees HAZER for the first time – would understand it. 

It shows every sensor in a separate widget – a color-marked tab where you see all the information about the sensor. When the color or values change, the user notes even a minor problem, keeps track of it, and reacts fast. 

A GPS tracking option backs big data analytics. It means that you not only know what’s happening but also where.

Mobile app. Big data on a small screen 

HAZER IoT mobile application

HAZER mobile application offers all the functions of the web interface on your smartphone. Mobile and web versions get data from sensors simultaneously – so managing sensors in the office and the field remains equally simple.

Imagine where just recently you were playing Angry Birds, now you can control large production sites, offices, and smart homes. 

How does the IoT system work?

The IoT technology is worth nothing if no one knows how to use it. Luckily, HAZER is pretty simple.

Create sensors   

  1. Add a name – for example, “Temperature sensor truck” or “Humidity sensor warehouse” – to understand where it’s located and what it shows at first sight. 
  2. Add type – for example, sensor, counter, tracker, hub – to filter and group them. 
  3. Select color marking. Set up colors of the widget in a normal state and in case of sensor value variations. For example, if sensor value changes from green to red, you know that something is wrong, even not seeing the values.  
  4. Add prefix and postfix to specify metric units, for example. 
HAZER IoT software: Configuration for sensor monitoring

Create dashboards

The dashboard is the place where all sensors are displayed. It’s like the desktop of your laptop, but with sensor widgets instead of icons. Here you will see all your sensors grouped the way you need. 

  • By sensor type – all water, electricity, temperature, or humidity sensors on one screen. 
  • By vehicle and facility – sensors installed in separate vehicles, warehouse spaces, office rooms, production facilities displayed on different screens.

The only criterion is how it’s convenient for you.  

HAZER IoT Dasboards for sensor monitoring and management

Start monitoring

If the temperature in the refrigerator goes down, equipment runs unstably, you didn’t turn off the light at home, tire pressure goes down, or any other sensor reports unusual values, HAZER will tell you about it.

  • By color. See sensors changing values and colors in real-time on dashboards. If there’s something wrong with your vehicle, cargo, or equipment, you will know at once. 
  • By text. Configure alerts and notifications if you don’t want to stare on the screen all the time. Do your business and turn to HAZER only if something demands your attention.
  • By location. Knowing where an emergency may happen makes you one step ahead. 
HAZER IoT technology for instant notifications and asset tracking on the map


The HAZER saves all the history of sensor performance and provides it for decision-making at any moment.

  • In charts and graphs to track sensor value in dynamics – you see the full history and combined with real-time sensor performance.  
  • In instant and scheduled reports to get analytics in tables – precise numbers speak more accurately than graphics. 
HAZER: Sensor monitoring data analytics

The volume of data in reports is close to unlimited.

HAZER IoT technology for sensor data analysis

Summary for those doing business instead of reading articles

Sensors and counters are everywhere – you either control them to grow your business or give room for competitors’ growth. HAZER helps to manage IoT devices in all your facilities and transport without significant investments.   

– Works with any smart industries sensors and counters on the market and remains stable even if millions of IoT devices send data there. 

– Shows the location of sensors showing abnormal values. If there’s a human on-site, you can contact them fast and ask to check the equipment’s physical state.  

– Offers you a mobile app to manage big data on the go. You remain in control over facilities, transport, and equipment in the car, bus, home, or during meetings.

– Tangibly shows the data. Colorful widgets, charts, graphs, and tables – there’s no need to be a technical guy to control hundreds of sensors. Anyone will handle it. 

– Features cloud computing. HAZER stores, processes, and analyzes big data in the cloud. You don’t need to control all your facilities. 

Here is what companies achieve with HAZER IoT technology:

  • Pay less for water and electricity.
  • Deliver heat-sensitive goods unspoiled. 
  • Monitor equipment efficiency and forecast maintenance based on machine hours.
  • Track fuel level, consumption, and tire pressure sensors to cut costs on fuel. 
  • Ensure a proper working environment in healthcare organizations to extend equipment lifetime and monitor pharmaceuticals and blood samples’ storage.  
Hazer | The Solution for Sensor Monitoring.

Not yet sure if you can benefit from sensor tracking? 

Consult us on sensors and counters that will return investments faster, ask as many “How to?” and “Why?” questions as you need, and learn more about the IoT technology itself. We are building a connected world and can’t do it without you.

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