Employee transport management system: GOFER by KLOUDIP!

See how the corporate transport management system helps 20,000 employees to travel between homes, offices, and facilities in a smart way.

In early 2020, KLOUDIP released GOFER – an employee transport management system. Half a year later, they’ve got a global apparel giant to try it first. In the article, we’ll refer to the company as “the client” or “the apparel manufacturer.”

Some facts about the client: 

  • 23 manufacturing plants and management offices. 
  • 1000 vehicles involved in the corporate transport system and tracked by KLOUDIP during the past three years.
  • 20,000 employees are transported every day.
  • Regained their trust in fleet management after working with KLOUDIP

The employee transport puzzle

The apparel manufacturer permanently hired 1000 vehicles from single-vehicle owners and large carriers to use as a corporate transport. Employees take these vehicles to ride home to work, for business rides, and to travel between facilities. 

Employee transport management system

And now, try to imagine these things done manually:

  • Distribute 1000 vehicles between 20,000 people every day.
  • Calculate payments to each vehicle owner and carrier – the apparel manufacturer pays them for every kilometer driven. 
  • Avoid overpayments by checking the actual mileage of each vehicle and detecting where drivers uprate it to get more money.
  • Repeat every day.      

Doing it manually failed and resulted in massive overpayments, time losses, and disruptions in transport processes.  

Implementing the employee transport management system – the first stage

To solve these issues, KLOUDIP offered GOFER Enterprise to manage the client’s corporate transport. As the apparel manufacturer connected 1000 vehicles to the fleet management platform, the transport became instantly available on GOFER. That’s how it works now:

  • All corporate vehicles are available for employees, managers, and dispatchers through their smartphones and laptops.
  • Company staff registered as “Passengers” can request vehicles for business rides.
  • SBU dispatchers in the HR/Admin divisions analyze vehicle requests, approve or reject them.
  • After the approval, the system assigns vehicles to company drivers, also registered in GOFER. 
Employee transport management system: How it works?

Similar to a taxi service, the driver accepts or rejects the booking. The passenger sees which driver takes him to the destination two hours before the trip starts. Driver picks up, drops off passengers, and completes the ride through GOFER mobile app for drivers.

Preliminary results 

The corporate transport management system controls each trip from booking to completion by the driver. It means that transport managers have big data to control and enhance the employee transport management system: 

  • Vehicle requests. Who is going, where, how often, and who drives them?
  • Payments. Based on GPS data, dispatchers know the actual mileage of each vehicle and automatically calculate payments to drivers and carriers based on their rates.
  • Staff. GOFER automated the work of people who collected corporate rides data and calculated payments. People no longer perform routine tasks but focus on transportation system enhancement. 

Finalizing the solution – the second stage

Next, KLOUDIP focused on transport cost minimization through car-sharing:

  • If several employees are going in the same direction, why not share a single vehicle?
  • If a passenger travels from Office A to Office B and another one returns from Office B to Office A, why not do it on the same vehicle?

Minimizing mileage and the number of rides for 1000 vehicles brings enormous financial benefits. Putting it simply, KLOUDIP ensures that if you can use one vehicle instead of two – you will do it and save a fortune. 

Employee transport management system: car-sharing options

How to minimize employee transportation costs?

Through GOFER, the apparel manufacturer receives data on pick-up and drop-off points, date, time, vehicle type, and the number of people traveling. The above opens excellent opportunities for corporate transport management: 

  • Planning trips in advance. The client’s transport managers see scheduled rides for weeks to come. It means they perfectly balance the offer (available vehicles) and demand (employees’ requests). Unexpected rides are rare – every employee gets a vehicle when needed or plans business rides depending on transport availability.
  • Precise calculations. The software calculates mileage in advance – there’s no need to check tons of papers at the expense of additional specialists. 
  • Timely payments. Delays, human errors, overpayments, and cross-checks don’t happen – drivers know how much they earned after each trip.


Neither management nor employees resisted the implementation of GOFER – it appeared to be a win-win solution for everyone. Now, the company uses GOFER to handle 50,000 transport requests and saves $12,500 monthly.


  • Free from routine tasks and manual calculations.
  • No more complaints about delayed payments to drivers.
  • Always get transport in due time.


The apparel manufacturer achieved average savings of about  40% as a result of:

  • Employees who had overused corporate transport were detected – nobody uses vehicles for private purposes anymore.
  • There are no overpayments to drivers who overrated mileage in trips, used vehicles for private purposes, or attended detours. 
  • High availability of transport as drivers are unable to attend to private matters.

Let us show how your company can benefit from GOFER – watch the video below or contact us for a live demo specific to your company. 

GOFER 2.0: The upgraded solution for business transport management
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