GOFER – the next-gen employee transport management system

Convenient like Uber. Designed for corporate transport. Adaptable to every business.

KLOUDIP releases the employee transport management system for every company to use corporate vehicles more cost-efficiently.

Generally, when describing a new solution, we start with the scope of problems. But corporate fleet management is one big problem. 

  • Managers, salespersons, service teams, and mobile crews all demand certain types and classes of vehicles. A manager on a dirty van won’t appeal to a client.   
  • There are more employees than cars, meaning more demand than supply. To serve them all, a good transport manager should plan, prioritize, share rides between multiple employees, and much more. 
  • Rides are more expensive when out of control. Idling, mileage, time in trips – it all raises exploitation costs and decreases the availability of vehicles throughout the day. The smarter you track these parameters, the more business rides you get per vehicle. 
  • Excel and paper may still be good for planning. But when it comes to interdependencies – cars, people, availability, schedules – these tools fail.  Excel won’t automatically tell you if there was a breakdown or any other event making transport unavailable. And it’s only one in a million things Excel won’t do. 

GOFER brings this chaos into order. 

GOFER employee transport management system

Should you consider using GOFER? 

Consider using GOFER if you have these guys in your company.  

  • Employees – to request a car as simple as a taxi. Anytime and anywhere. 
  • Drivers – to get a transparent payment scheme. 
  • Dispatchers – to plan rides, distribute vehicles among employees, and track rides.
  • Managers – to analyze transport utilization and cut down expenses. 
  • Clients – if they use your company’s vehicles. 

To put it simply, if there are people and vehicles in your company, GOFER would be the software to consider. Now, you can proceed to read for benefits. 

Why is an ordinary taxi system not suitable for corporate fleets?

A taxi system is designed to receive as many trips as possible, assign them to drivers directly as fast as possible. In a corporate environment, we do not want that. KLOUDIP wants to give the company the ability to regulate the interactions between a passenger and a driver and be aware of every event or movement. GOFER is designed to master this core functionality.

GOFER for employee transport management

The platform unites employees, drivers, vehicles, dispatchers, transport managers in a single car-booking platform.

Settings tab of the vehicle tracking system

Employees book simply

Employees have web and mobile apps to book a vehicle from the office or on the go. During user testing, it took us three minutes to schedule a ride. 

  1. Add pick-up and drop-off points.
  2. Select vehicle type (shared or dedicated), number of passengers, date, and time.  
  3. Click to send a request.  

The statuses of car requests are updated online – if there’s any change, GOFER notifies workers in advance to change plans or find another vehicle. As a result, employees never late or miss an appointment due to transport problems. 

Interface of the employee transport management system

*From simplicity to transparency

Three minutes to book a ride, instead of writing requests, visiting managers, confirming statuses by fax, phone, email, etc. is the primary benefit of GOFER for employees. 

But transparency will be an excellent addition. 

  • Employees stay in contact with drivers – they know which driver will pick them up not to get the wrong car (if you have the whole fleet of similar Suzuki, for example). Plus, GOFER offers an Uber-like driver rating system based on employees’ feedback. The rating can be used to train drivers or create incentive schemes to reward the best drivers. 
  • Employees stay in contact with managers – GOFER allows sharing trip details and real-time location with the office for the managers to see the progress of a business trip and plan further rides. 
Employee transport management reports

Dispatchers gain control

Dispatchers accept or decline requests, distribute them among vehicles, and notify drivers about the planned rides. 

These are the first intermedia between people and software. 

  • Seeing the big picture – vehicles, drivers, passengers, requests, managers, and departments.  
  • Managing daily operations – accepting, declining, distributing, and reassigning requests (if a driver or passenger canceled it). 
  • Analyzing – studying reports to offer transport system optimizations to bottom-up. 
Reports in a vehicle tracking system

Drivers know their earnings 

The best thing that drivers get is transparent payments. If drivers are paid per mileage, the number of rides, or time in trips, there’s no place for rough estimations. Drivers know precisely how much they earned after each trip. 

Apart from money questions, here’s our TOP 5 features that GOFER offers to drivers:

  • Navigation through Google Maps
  • Sending activity statuses and notifications (LATE!!!) to passengers
  • Accepting/canceling requests
  • Passenger rating
  • Access to passengers’ profiles
Mobile app for the employee transport management system

Managers enhance corporate transport

Depending on the company’s size, these can be dispatchers, branch, or company fleet managers.  

They manage all transport processes in the company or branch:

  • Overview – vehicles, drivers, passengers, requests, managers, and departments.
  • Service – corporate transport structure creation and management, setting rates, payment methods, vehicle types.
  • Analytics – reports on business rides, cost-efficiency, and detailed info on each ride. 
  • Requests – creation, acceptance, rejection, distribution, adjustments.

By combining the functions of a manager, analytic, and strategist, they have a global view of what is happening in the company or separate branch. Using data in GOFER, admins can advise on how to enhance the transport system and ensure that all employees get dedicated vehicles in due time.  

Summary of the employee transport management system

This is a cheat section, for those who are doing business instead of reading blog articles.

Here are some reasons to try the new vehicle tracking system.

  • Automated management. The whole transport system is perfectly structured. 
  • Shared rides. If there’s a chance to share a vehicle (e.g., several employees are going in one direction), GOFER will do it. It minimizes the number of cars in use and decreases the cost of utilization.  
  • Collaboration. Service administrators, managers, dispatchers, drivers, and passengers communicate in a single interface.
  • Analytics. Telematics data is used to improve logistics and decrease fleet utilization costs.
  • Digitalization. Requests, approvals, transport catalogs, and billing docs are digitized and available in a click.
GOFER 2.0: The upgraded solution for business transport management

First presented on Telematics Colombo 2020, the GOFER employee transport management system is now available as a web service in your browser and mobile apps for iOS and Android. But it’s better to see once – contact KLOUDIP for a comprehensive demo and test implementation in your company. 

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