It’s a bargain. Free platform for online shop development

Build your online shop on ZEON in 10 minutes.

Most of the store owners started searching for online shop development after the curfews. And we decided to give it for free.

Do you remember the shopping experience during the first weeks of curfew? Most of the companies had to work from home, while both the supermarket chains and corner shops suffered losses. They would make use of a retail-specific delivery platform for several reasons:

  1. Their online ordering platforms couldn’t fulfill the wave of online orders – the websites were down most of the time. 
  2. They just couldn’t offer their buyers an option to order online.

As a result, retail chains were working half-steam, and corner shops had to work covertly (let’s be frank). And now imagine they had a platform that could allow them to sell online from Day 1. Now, people realized the convenience of delivery services during COVID-19, so we want such a platform to be available for shops when the threat is gone. 

We’ve analyzed the retail delivery platforms and found the option covering most of the demand for a retail business. It’s called ZEON, and it’s worth mentioning for several reasons: 

  • The platform is close to free.
  • It stays stable even if millions of buyers are shopping at the same time.
  • ZEON allows a store owner to create an online shop in 10 minutes. 
  • It offers a solution for delivery and courier services. 
  • The software already comprises a secure payment gateway. 

Let’s discuss it in detail, starting with who can sell through ZEON.  

Who can use the online shop development platform? 

1. Supermarket chains

Retail chains can get a proprietary online shopping platform for all their stores without investments in development and design. Let’s have a retail chain “Supermarket” as an example.  

  • Retail chains get ZEON working on their website, subdomain, or any other website of their choice, for example: 

Seamlessly integrated into their current online resources, ZEON offers a better online shopping experience to the existing buyers. 

  • Retail chains get ZEON redesigned to their brand book – custom colors, logos, descriptions. It will no longer be ZEON, but a dedicated e-commerce platform of a retail chain.
Online shop builder and retail delivery platform for supermarket chains
  • Retail chains make goods, deals, and discounts across all shops and warehouses available to their buyers. 

There won’t be a case when a buyer can’t find something in a shop and has to visit K**ls competitors. The goods should not physically be on the shelves to be bought and delivered to the customer.

  • Retail chains get a dedicated courier delivery service.

ZEON comprises a delivery solution where the couriers get delivery orders. To put it simply, it happens like this:

  • A buyer orders goods through the website.
  • A store manager gets it and prepares the order.
  • A store manager automatically or manually assigns the order to a driver. 
  • The driver delivers the order and receives the proof of delivery and payment.

ZEON is optimized to handle and distribute hundreds of orders at once, making it as simple as single order delivery. The best thing is that if the courier’s vehicle has GPS, the store manager can track the delivery store-to-door. 

Retail delivery platform for courier services

2. Corner shop owners

Thanks to the online shop development platform, small shop owners can get their shop online literally in minutes. 

  • Corner shops get an online shopping space on the ZEON platform.

Each new online store is displayed among other shops that sell all types of goods. It’s like a big shopping mall with dozens of small shops where a buyer can find anything and order delivery. The good thing is that neither buyer nor you have to go somewhere – #stayhome as it is.  

That way, you can not only offer an online shopping experience to clients coming to you every day but also attract new buyers from among the users of the ZEON retail delivery platform.

Free online shop builder and retail delivery platform for store owners
  • Corner shops get a fully customizable online store.

Customizable store shelves: add goods to the shelves, set your own prices, add deals – you can fill the virtual shelves of your online shops literally in ten minutes. 

Create your design: add stylish cover and logos to make your online shop look modern. 

  • Corner shops can choose shared delivery.

Owners of small shops can engage familiar drivers, like three-wheeler guys, who will deliver orders for their shops. Otherwise, they can employ the services of drivers registered on ZEON. That means, ZEON covers delivery for the shops on their platform.   

The number of available shared drivers depends on the delivery area that you specify. 

On ZEON, small shops sell fruits and vegetables, dairy and grocery, personal and home care goods without significant investments. At the same time, a small shop on ZEON looks superior to the ones of retail giants.

3. Goods manufacturers 

If you manufacture a product – food, dairy, industrial goods – you can sell it directly to your buyers, omitting shops, or making ZEON another sales channel. 

  • Create your store online – you don’t have to own a physical sales point to start direct sales and earn more without intermediaries.
  • Add delivery areas around your production sites and warehouses for faster and low-cost delivery. 
  • Engage drivers from among your employees and make them a part of the shared delivery offered by ZEON. 
  • Offer better prices, sell more, and promote your brand among other buyers.  

4. Farmers and sole proprietors 

Now, you may be selling through social media or from a truck, or kiosk. A website is the next level, but it demands more investments and has no audience from the start. ZEON is like an already developed website that, from the beginning, has buyers shopping for other goods. 

You can collect orders, plan your delivery route for multiple clients, and get additional clients from anywhere in your region. 

5. Couriers 

ZEON offers a special solution for couriers – and there are two options:

  • Anyone who has a car, bike, or three-wheeler can be registered as a courier on ZEON to get orders for shared delivery. The only thing needed is to install ZEON mobile app from AppStore or Play Market. The good news is that, unlike other delivery platforms, ZEON doesn’t charge for each delivery, so drivers get the full delivery fee in their pockets.  
  • Anyone who owns a car, bike, three-wheeler, or has company cars that are idling most of the time can use them for door-to-door courier delivery. 

Bonus: ZEON for door-to-door delivery

ZEON for door-to-door delivery has the same advantages as ZEON for retail delivery. 

  • Anyone can place a door-to-door delivery order on ZEON.
  • You can start your own courier service in hours. 
  • One will only need a car, a smartphone, and an internet browser.
  • Couriers on ZEON get orders from retail points and door-to-door delivery requests to get an uninterrupted order flow. Considering that ZEON doesn’t charge for each delivery, the courier service gets pure profit. 
The platform to build online point-to-point courier delivery service

In all the cases above, ZEON provides a secure payment gateway so that you can accept card payments or cash-on-delivery options where a store owner gets full payment directly. Even the smallest shops get enterprise-grade data and money security with ZEON. At the same time, ZEON only charges a monthly fee for all services and no sales-based commissions.

How does the online shop development platform work?

ZEON features web and mobile interfaces for different types of users.  

ZEON web versions

For store managers and courier services to coordinate orders and deliveries. The managers: 

  • Create and maintain the shop – add goods, deals, discounts, and arrange the display of goods. 
  • Add a courier service – engage drivers, receive orders, and distribute them among couriers.  
  • Manage payments – ensure that each order is paid and gets the proof of delivery. 
  • Redesign the shop/courier service pages and decide on how they look and feel.
  • Combine ZEON with CRM, order management, delivery, payment, and other software critical to the business. 
Web version of the free online shop builder and retail delivery platform for store owners

ZEON mobile apps

  1. Managers. ZEON gives managers control of any events with order fulfillment, including delivery status, payments received, and proof of delivery.
  2. Drivers. The service allows delivery teams to receive orders at no cost, navigates them to the customers, and is used to get the proof of delivery.  
  3. Customers. The mobile app enables online shopping for any goods or requesting door-to-door delivery, from any place, and in a user-friendly interface.
Mobile apps for ZEON retail delivery platform

Still, it’s better to see once

ZEON l The solution for retail delivery and courier services

Why is ZEON worth your time? 

Specific to retail and delivery

We could compare it to other delivery services, but we can’t. From the core, it’s designed for the combination of retail management and delivery, not passenger transportation. That makes it more user-friendly when it comes to shopping. 


People can manage their store and do shopping through any iOS/Android mobile device, PC, or laptop. 


As told in the beginning, millions of users can shop there at once. (Alert – technical details ;)) The stability is achieved through data centers on three continents, so ZEON will continue working even in case of global breakdown.

GPS tracking of orders

If the courier vehicle has GPS, buyers can track order delivery in real-time. 


There’s a free period for shop owners to assess the service. Plus, unlike other delivery solutions, ZEON doesn’t charge couriers for each delivery, which means delivery becomes an additional profit driver. 

Also, ZEON does not charge any commission from sales. Business gets the full amount of the money and fewer bank charges in case of credit card sales.


ZEON online shop development platform is launching right now – the earlier you register your shop to offer online shopping and delivery, the less competition you will face. Request your free period right now or learn more on the developer’s website

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