Innovations as a master key to 2023: Picked by KLOUDIP

Check out tech innovations that will power up businesses in 2023 and introduce them to your business.

In the past few years, doing business has felt like escaping from a wicked castle, where monsters pursue you on every floor. Many run from one door to another, fitting the keys and hoping that one will resolve all their problems. But that’s not what you expect from business innovations in 2023.  

Sitting on the sidelines, KLOUDIP provides businesses with a master key – the set of telematics and IoT solutions allowing companies to address every issue reported to us by now. Let’s see the master keys of 2022.

KLOUDIP 360: All-round coverage of your business

IoT and telematics innovations: Out-of-the-box in 2023

For more than 15 years, KLOUDIP has been implementing fleet management solutions. Since then, we’ve tested thousands of GPS devices, sensors, and software features. 

As a result, we’ve designed perfect hardware+software combinations for the most popular tasks ever solved for our clients. These are fuel tracking, temperature management, video monitoring, theft prevention, door opening detection, and many more. 

Out-of-the-box telematics and fleet management solutions
Out-of-the-box telematics and fleet management solutions

Five years ago, KLOUDIP entered the Internet of Things with its HAZER IoT platform for sensor monitoring. Back then, we used it to monitor temperature sensors – our solutions saved tonnes of ice cream and pharmaceuticals from being spoiled.

As of 2023, HAZER boasts hundreds of successful use cases and supports almost every sensor on the market. Having accumulated enough data on HAZER implementation, KLOUDIP introduced HAZER Specific – best software+hardware combinations for the most popular tasks: 

Innovations for 2023: Out-of-the-box IoT solutions
Out-of-the-box IoT solutions

To sum it up, in 2023 customers worldwide will get innovations “out-of-the-box.” This is how KLOUDIP works in this direction:

  • Continuously screen the market for the latest telematics and IoT hardware releases;
  • Take the most promising models for a test and select the best devices;
  • Pre-configure the devices to send data to the HAZER IoT Platform;
  • Set up the software – IoT Dashboards, Reports, Notifications, and Smart Rules;
  • Put the devices “in the box” and send them to customers.

A customer receives a box with a device, unpacks it, places the sensor in a vehicle or building, and logs into HAZER in a browser or mobile app. Sensor data is already there. 

If necessary, the KLOUDIP team assists in hardware installation online or on-site. But in most cases, it’s so simple that customers can do it on their own in minutes.

Here’s a HAZER Specific solution in one picture.

Innovations for 2023: Out-of-the-box diesel generator monitoring solution
Out-of-the-box diesel generator monitoring solution

GOFER: IoT Project o the Year

In 2022, KLOUDIP kept adding new features to its telematics products – FiOS fleet management platform, delivery and distribution software, and HAZER IoT platform. But the main focus was on GOFER – the Uber-like company transport and business ride management system.

GOFER: Why Choose the Software for Business Ride Management?

During the year, KLOUDIP added: 

  • Extensive transportation budget management options to track transportation expenses;
  • Recurring ride management to control employees traveling from home to work every day;
  • User roles – Managers, Dispatchers, Drivers – to distribute ride management responsibilities among various specialists in the company.
  • Related expense tracking – fuel fillings, paid roads, traffic tickets, etc.
  • Detailed car request forms for employees to request particular vehicle types for specific purposes. 

By mid-2022, KLOUDIP implemented GOFER for Brandix – one of the biggest apparel manufacturers in South Asia. By the end of the year, the company achieved $12,500  monthly savings on employee transportation. 

After presenting the solution at Telematics Vilnius Conference in Europe, it was nominated for IoT Project of the Year and won the “Smart Passenger Transport” Award!

KLOUDIP wins IoT project of the Year Award
KLOUDIP wins the “IoT Project of the Year” Award

GITEX Global Exhibition

After an overwhelming success in Europe, KLOUDIP decided to introduce its solutions to the Middle East and headed for the biggest event there – GITEX Global.

KLOUDIP presents its innovations for 2023 at GITEX Global
KLOUDIP team at GITEX Global in 2022

Being a part of the IoT, KLOUDIP presented three of its flagship solutions:

  • HAZER IoT Platform – the software to manage vehicles, buildings, or machinery through sensors, relays, and other IoT devices.
  • GOFER for corporate fleets – the Uber-like platform designed to manage business rides and analyze company car utilization.
  • EPORT 3PL management ecosystem – the powerful E-TMS for 1 to 5PL companies, allowing logistics companies, their customers, and carriers to interact within a single interface.

Top-10 Asia-Pacific

All the above brought KLOUDIP solutions to 4 continents, but the most significant success awaited KLOUDIP in the home region. At year-end, the company entered the TOP 10 telematics providers in Asia-Pacific with assets connected to its telematics and IoT platforms.

KLOUDIP enters the TOP 10 IoT and telematics providers in Asia-Pacific
KLOUDIP enters the TOP 10 IoT and telematics providers in Asia-Pacific

2022 summary

As you see, KLOUDIP’s master keys are now available globally and are in high demand. 

You’ve just read about them, but what about seeing it all in person? On January 20, 2023, KLOUDIP will introduce more innovations at Telematics Colombo 2023 – the biggest IoT and telematics conference in Sri Lanka. There, KLOUDIP will summarize the year’s results considering the latest innovations, and share some “master keys” for the next year!

Register now and save the date for the event:

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